Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Which is deadlier... Combat or Cab Driving?

Which is deadlier... Combat or Cab Driving?

The casualty rate in the military has consistently dropped in the US from the
Revolutionary war to where we are today. For the latest statistics we have -
2008, there were 1,441 deaths out of 1,683,144 active duty. Of those deaths,
however, only 352 were from hostile action, and 43 by homicide - a total of 395
out of 1,683,144, or .023%. The rest were from illness or accident.

By contrast 154,000 active Full Time (I'm including only full time drivers, to
match the criteria in the military statistics, but this ALSO includes limo
drivers). taxicab and limousine drivers were counted in the 2000 Census and
during the same year, an astonishing 49 murders were reported (it is suspected
that 49 is lower than the actual number). So the murder rate for full time taxi
drivers in the US is .032%.

So for individuals who willingly entered into combat, the death rate is 0.023%,
while the murder rate for an individual who signed up to transport people from
one place to another so they could support their families is 0.032%,

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