Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Friday, March 29, 2013

What options remain?

The FBI’s Charles McGuinty wrote to me, in reply to a complaint about the practice of using the steel grid on police car partitions (the ‘cage’) to deliberately injure prisoners.

I was told that the FBI will do nothing about it.

Institutionalized, nationwide police brutality is OK with them.

When asked about the number of cab drivers killed despite the NYC taxi partition mandate, or about the number of occupants killed because of a partitions, I was told the NYC Medical Examiners’ office doesn’t keep such statistics.

How many killed these two ways is not important to that office.

When I meet with Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle officials, I was told they will keep ‘passing’ cars with uncertified partitions at state motor vehicle inspections.

They assert that uncertified partitions are OK.

Official letters of warning have been issued to some partition makers from the USDOT.

They have been ignored and worse. Changes such as retro-fitting seat belts, that the partition installer removed, were paid for… by the consumer. That is illegal.

Senator Kennedy suggested I contact the Federal Highway Administration.

Mayor Menino never replies.

State Senator Dan Wolf is impossible to contact as long as his staff keeps running interference to keep him from meeting with me.

None of the 30 attorneys I have offered to send the warning letters to, to help with their clients’ partition injury cases, has accepted the offer.
18 trauma surgeons have raised the alarm, but none have responded to my exhortations that the partitions are illegal.

The Boston Globe has never published any of my letters to the editor.

When speaking to newspaper or radio reporters, they remain oblivious to the problem.

Television consumer affairs reporters refuse to look into this. Not even John Stossell of Fox news.

None of the dozens of individuals (some famous) have succeeded in convincing their attorneys to pursue their case in federal court.

When I was injured this way, my attorney Lazar Lowinger, lied to me when he said he would take it to federal court.

After exhausting all options I am considering some type of guerrilla action.

I invite any law enforcement body to challenge me on this.

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