Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

SOMEBODY is MISSING Something...

There is an apathy that pervades the subject of automobile interior partition risk.  

When taxi passengers strike the partitions’ hard edges and protrusions, the reaction has been (in NYC) and is (in Boston) to raise the liability limits rather than address the problem, then - somebody is missing something. Also, constant admonitions that the reason that any partition impact injury occurred, is only because the passenger did not wear a seat belt… do nothing to address the true problem, hard and dangerous surfaces on the partition.

When police car prisoners are hurled into the steel grid of the partition with the force of a third floor nose dive, and official reactions to officers who have bragged about doing this, are muted at best, then - somebody is missing something. At worst, we hear; “Hey, off the record, they’re just prisoners, they deserve no better.”

When police officers are rendered unconscious due to a rear end collision causing the partition to strike the back of the officers’ head, where they frequently remain in cars that are catching on fire and many (70+) have perished this way, the reaction is - horror that gasoline would ignite in a 100 MPH collision, then - somebody is missing something. Nobody is questioning why so few officers, rear ended this way, actually get out of the cruiser in time.

When frisked, disarmed, handcuffed, seat belted prisoners drive away (300 times in ten years) with the cruiser, usually crashing it, when the reporters, on eight of those occasions, characterize the prisoner as a latter day “Houdini” then - somebody is missing something.

When mandated taxi partition installation requirements do nothing to help, and actually result in more murders, we are told; “It’s better than nothing.” or when it is pointed out that murders continue with partition mandates, we are told; “Just imagine how bad it would have been… if we didn’t have them at all!” then - somebody is missing something.

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Steve Crowell said...

No comments, disgusting apathy.