Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Don McCurdy links Steve Crowell to safer partitions


That didn’t take long.
After only two decades someone had finally figured out that you can bust your face on a taxicab partition if you don’t wear your seatbelt. Who’d a thought? Well, Steve Crowell has been pointing that out for at least the last decade and touting a design that is a little more face friendly. 

The situation has gotten bad enough that the Bloomberg administration is asking their taxi of tomorrow to be designed with a new partition, perhaps, one a bit more “nose”worthy. Maybe it could come with some of that embedded powder that helps blood clot. Now, that would be face friendly! 
According to an unnamed taxi official, the taxicab partitions currently in use would fail if they were subjected to federal safety guidelines. Gee, let me see, cars have been getting safer and safer for the last twenty years except for New York taxicabs. Well, any taxicab with partitions. 
TLC Commissioner David Yassky said the new partitions would undergo federal crash testing for the first time. The first time? You mean the government is going to start obeying its own laws? Wow, this could start a trend! Maybe somebody will realize that about 80% of what the federal government does is beyond its constitutional mandate. Nah, no chance of that happening. We’ve been operating outside the scope of the Constitution for so long that judges now believe it’s okay for the government to function beyond its Constitutional mandate and “Constitutional scholars” routinely disobey the tenants of the Constitution without so much as a lawsuit. 
Meanwhile, you’d better buckle up while riding in a partitioned taxicab or you may have to face the
consequences. Ouch.

                                                           Janet Lee Taxi passenger

Marc Summers TV Producer taxi passenger

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Steve Crowell said...

Why brag about the start of using crash test dummies when real people have been crash testing partitions for years now?