Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Medical examiner directed to Doctors comments

"This Agency has no records which count the number of deaths which may have occurred in New York City involving a taxi cab which contained a partition. " 

Thank you. Mimi C. Mairs, Special Counsel, Forensic Biology, Office of Chief Medical Examiner, Legal Department
421 East 26th Street, New York, New York 10016

I think it would be a prudent idea to count how many people are killed in taxis... because of, partitions in collisions, and how many drivers are killed... despite partitions, in assaults.
Considering it is a city requirement to use partitions in taxis, it would seem incumbent on the city to keep track of these statistics.

Many trauma surgeons have become alarmed about the problem. I know of two medical studies done regarding this risk of taxi partition injury and death.

I think you should also count how many officers have been killed in rear-end collisions using a partition.

Also, count how many prisoners have been brutalized by a partition. Some might place this voluntary act of 'waffling" or " noodling" the prisoner, higher up on the list of priorities. Some don't have this on their priority list at all.

Civil rights are being denied all who are subject to injury and death in this manner. Partitions in taxis are a bad idea, in a bad endeavor to try to save drivers lives, according to current sources. Early sources (1968) said it was used in NYC cabs, in the event the passenger feared the driver - the passenger would have control of the partition window. The fact is this; if they were viable they'd be purchased without a mandate to do so. They are mandatory 

Whoever the partition is attempting to protect, shouldn't the first rule of medical ethics prevail here by 'first - doing no harm'? If partitions were injurious in collisions, but saved drivers lives, we'd call that a trade off or possibly, acceptable collateral damage. When there is no benefit to the driver, it isn't either one.

It is not deniable that drivers get shot dead WITH partitions in their cabs. The study done on partition use viability in 1997 deliberately did not count the 400% increase in cab driver murders, just the 20% decrease in non-fatal assaults on cab drivers.

Greater attention to this matter is called for by many doctors and experts. I think it is time for the Medical Examiners office to look into this.

Please see; YouTube Channel midnight9991 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS9XHtSp9C0

Thank you,

Steve Crowell

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