Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Let us hope Mosby gets it right in Baltimore

For many years I have been collecting stories about police officers who brutalize prisoners a specific way. The prisoner is placed in the rear-right seat behind the part of the partition which is illegally made of steel grid. This grid works like a cheese grater on the prisoners' face when the brakes are applied hard. The cops call this "Waffling" the prisoner. I have spoken with many police officers about this practice. I have informed the FBI also. Mosby needs to understand that the 'conversion' to 'prisoner transport' vehicle involves illegal vehicle alterations. Like the partition in the cruiser, the surfaces inside the prisoner box are hard and unyielding. It is very easy to hurl the prisoner into the hard, illegal surfaces of the box's interior by applying the brakes hard. This is probably what caused Freddie Gray's fatal injury. George Patton was killed the exact same way hitting his head on a partition in a 1938 Cadillac. A shattered vertebrae did it. The FBI was curiously not impressed with the statistic involving officers being burned to death in their cruisers after a high speed rear end collision. 70 in ten years have been rendered unconscious by the illegal partition and as a result, stayed in the car as it becomes consumed by fire. This reckless manner of altering vehicles must end.

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