Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Monday, June 01, 2015

National Association of Chiefs of Police - an open letter

There are two issues I wish to bring to your attention.

There have been dozens of high speed collisions with parked cruisers on the side of interstates. In these collisions the cage or partition hits the back of the heads of officers seated in the front. Being rendered unconscious as the car becomes consumed by fire is a disaster. More than 70  officers in ten years have perished this way. Ask Jason Schechterle.

The  second issue is about occupant safety for rear seat occupants. Some officers have made it clear that they have used the brake pedal to brutalize rear seat occupants by hurling them, face first, into the steel grid portion of the partition. It has several euphemisms; waffling, noodling, going to Hollywood, the screen test etc.

We have developed a partition design that complies with all applicable federal standards.

Our design installs without drilling or cutting the vehicles’ interior, moves with the seat and is indefinitely transferable from old cars to new cars. It is low profile.

There are no openings in order to be in compliance with the federal ban on hazardous edges. This creates an illusion of privacy for prisoners. This can be legally taken advantage of.

Most importantly, this design takes into account occupant safety.

As the Freddie Gray case has shown the safety of prisoners in transport can be easily compromised by failing to buckle a prisoner with the seat belt in place. In addition to rear seat occupant safety, the car fires cry out for additional safety for front seat occupants.

I have been figuratively on the launch pad with this product for decades. I need to find a manufacturer who can handle 4’X5’ sheets of 3/8” Lexan, configured to my specifications, and funding to solve these problems.

Steve Crowell

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