Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

London Taxi Crash Test is kinder than U.S. brands of partitions in use

Click here for video of child flying through a taxi partition. This is with crash test dummies, but it is  still disturbing to watch knowing that the government has banned the same device they use and require some taxis to install.

"Doesn’t look very dramatic, does it? In fact the 50 year old design seems to have held up pretty well, with the passenger compartment still nicely intact, but watch again from inside where it is a very different story.

It’s horrific. The sensors on our 18 kilo toddler show that it left the seat at 30 mph, exactly the speed the taxi was travelling. It spears the toughened glass partition, head on, which exerts a massive deceleraton on the child.

A startling 79 g's, at it’s peak.

Just imagine taking a blow to the head equivalent to 79 times your body weight. A force of this magnitude would cause certain skull fractures and probably death."

OR see You tube video cued up to moment of impact where a tennis racket strikes a ball of jello. 
Some police officers have boasted about using the steel grid of the cruiser partition to "waffle" or "noodle" the prisoner in the face.

This kind of thing happens to peoples' heads when they hit the steel partition grid in police cruisers. A big difference is, the human  head has bone behind all that soft tissue.

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