Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Assorted quotes

Alan L. Fuchsberg, a Manhattan lawyer who has represented dozens of people injured in taxi accidents, said the Mayor's plan "certainly would be an improvement, but I don't think it's enough." Noting that other business concerns, like trucking companies and commercial buildings, typically have $500,000 to $1 million in liability insurance, he said: "The concern is that a seriously injured person would still in no way be compensated for the full extent of their injuries." 5/24/98 NY Times

In New York City and Boston, taxi passengers were very frequently exceeding the maximum liability limits of the taxis' insurance coverage, in losses since partition installation mandates were enacted. But, rather than address the causes of the radical increases in bodily injury due to partition hazards, the reflex response is to, instead, raise the minimum liability limits on the taxis' insurance policy.                                                                                                                                                                         
Dr. Seth Manoach, "The plexiglas partition that separates the front and back of the cab, protruding change dish, and metal border can cause serious injury in an accident."
"Sit in one of the seats with shoulder and lap belts. The middle seats don't have them and during a front-end collision, your head is going to come forward and hit the barrier."

"With partitions, you can't get access to the driver ...," Chief of Patrol John Scanlon said. "You can't stab or stick a gun to the driver's head from behind."
NY Daily News 3/23/2000

Chief John Scanlon needs to see this Here.

"If you are asking how many crimes-in-progress were specifically thwarted by
the partition, I am afraid I do not have such an answer."
Dianne McGrath-McKechnie, New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, March 28, 1997

Of course she doesn't have an answer. That is progressive government at work. Implement a requirement and never keep track of whether it works or not. 

"There is absolutely no question that shields will not provide much protection against those determined to kill the driver.
It is a known fact that some injury and death to passengers has occurred to passengers as a result of coming into contact with the partitions during an accident "
Gordon Barton Excel Resources & Training

"Until the Times piece, I hadn't realized that an average of 40 people per year are killed in taxi accidents. In addition, thousands of other people are maimed and injured each year due to     various acts of stupidity."

"When a New YorkTimes reporter, Andy Newman, asked the Taxi and Limousine Commission forspecific statistics about taxi accidents, he was informed that the TLC”does not routinely keep track of accidents involving cabs.” WHAT ?!?!I guess the TLC is too busy with voice boxes and other P.R.  nonsense tobe worried about such trivial little issues as LIFE and DEATH. After all,their annual budget is only $50 million per year, so you can’t expect themto do everything."
Bernard Michael Higgins-Taxitalk


Boston Globe
Boston Police Commissioner. Joseph M. Jordan’s decision to allow cab drivers who have firearm licenses to carry guns drew skeptical comment yesterday from the managers of six of the city’s seven largest cab companies and Mayor Raymond L. Flynn.
Cab company managers said the decision would not deter murders, and Flynn, who has repeatedly asked Jordan to resign, said he plans to meet with the commissioner to review the decision.

"Driver safety objectives should not be considered in isolation from passenger service objectives"…  a word of caution.  We should all think about who is ultimately responsible for the safety of a taxi driver.  Is it the driver?  The company or taxi owner?  Or a regulatory agency?  Should the taxi industry take care of its own?  Or should a regulatory agency adopt a "parental" approach to the welfare of taxi drivers.  If a regulatory agency mandates safety equipment, it accepts some responsibility and companion liability if a safety device fails to protect a driver.  And unfortunately no safety device or method guarantees full protection."
Dec. 6, 1996 speech on Taxi Driver Safety, by Prof. John Stone

"It was not clear why (cab passenger) Penn, who was sitting in the back seat, was killed in the head-on crash while the driver suffered much less serious injuries. Initial reports said Penn was trapped beneath the taxi’s plexiglass partition." 6/14/98 NY Daily News

"Here’s how it will work: A minority officer will try to hail a cab.  His of her white counterpart will be standing a short distance away. If the cabbie bypasses the minority cop for the white one, he will be ticketed, his license suspended and his car taken away."
Rudolph Guiliani 11/12/99

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