Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Mass DOR Tax Inspector Story

A guy left his Blackberry in my cab in New Orleans a few years ago. The "guy" was the top administrator for the California state lottery. There were codes and stuff in the PDA, potentially worth... who knows how much! I think he was happy when he got his thing back. 
YoYo Ma got a bass fiddle returned by a cab driver, Yitzak Pearlman also left a Stradivarious in a NYC cab. It got returned, also. 

Neither of  those drivers, nor I, were contacted about the missing items. I called a number listed in the guys' PDA (his brother in NJ), told him I had the PDA. About two hours later, while waiting at Commanders' Palace he called. He demonstrated his pleasure with cash. Plenty of cash and asked if I wanted more. I declined. 

I have a better story though. The MA Dept of Revenue had an inspector who left a mans' purse in my cab with $6,000 in Travellers Checks in it. The weirdest part (up to that point) of it was this... ALL OF THE STUBS WERE IN THE PADS OF CHECKS!!! The bank had no copy! These were incredibly LIQUID checks. They had to be bribe assets.
I went back to Logan Airports' State Police "F" Troop Barracks with the purse. Handed it to the trooper at the desk, turned to leave... but was loudly ordered to return to the desk. I did. He said wait. I did. He kept saying to the guy on the phone; "Yeah, that's here, yeah, that's here", about four times. He hung up and then said to me; "You knew we were looking for , didn't you?" 
I said; "No. If you WERE, how did I get through the taxi 'pool' without anybody saying anything? I didn't see any cops there (I bought a 'pool ticket' between the time I dropped the passenger and the time I went to the barracks, so that I could be figuratively 'back in the taxi line' while turning in the purse). 
He just said; "You certainly wouldn't have turned it in if you thought we weren't LOOKING FOR YOU! You can go now." Chee! Tanks! I should have brought it to the state attorney general. Those checks were so liquid they were illegal and untraceable. If I had THAT would have been one unhappy, unemployed, convicted, Mass DOR tax inspector.

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