Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Liberty Mutual Story

          I picked up an executive at Logan airport in my cab one sunny day. He asked to go to Ashland, the loss prevention facility for Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. He explained that he was high up in the loss prevention section of the company.
          If you know me, you know why this would pique my interest.
          I suggested that his company could advise their taxi policy holders to get in compliance with federal law (as the June 22, 1984 USDOT letter showed him that they must) by removing the illegal partition or by replacing it with a legal model, or have their policy cancelled. This way Liberty Mutual could demonstrate their commitment to safety, legal compliance and lower losses.
          This man laughed and said that’s never going to happen.
          I was stunned. I asked “Why not?”
          He said, “Imagine if nobody ever had accidents. There would be no need for insurance companies, right?
          I asked him if he was willing to witlessly stand by as taxi partitions continue to mutilate and kill taxi occupants. He replied that he had stockholders to answer to.
          I suggested he also had to be concerned about R.I.C.O. charges for profiting from ongoing criminal activity. He responded by telling me they had entire floors of the Liberty Mutual building populated with lawyers for this kind of thing and that if I was so motivated I should “Have at them”.

          I suggested that if I were to drive off the highway and hit a tree, with Checker Motors’ illegal partition in front of his face, that he would change his tune. He said “Have at it.”

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