Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My essay pitch to "Cracked"

I started driving taxis in Boston 1970-1990, New  Orleans 1991-2004, Cape Cod 2005-2015. Because I have cursed the darkness, and offer light also, some say I have a conflict of interest. It is a confluence of interest, to recognize a problem and go one further step by solving the problem. 
I have designed a smooth, hazard-free, (&uniquely) certified- federally complying automobile interior partition. 
But let's not get distracted that I have a solution. Let's pay attention to what has been done to stop me and allow the injury and death to continue. In 1984 the USDOT, on one hand, warned violators to certify and comply, and on the other hand, in the same letter, accepts a so-called 'trade-off' of occupant safety for operator protection from assailants. This 'trade-off' is flatly  illegal.

Massachusetts writes that they are puzzled as to the definition of "seat belt". New York and Boston cab regulators continually prevaricate on partition facts.

Although I have a better design, I DO NOT  support mandates for compulsory installation, especially in taxis. I have driven taxis for 20 years WITH a partition and 24 years without one. I prefer to drive without one. My thinking is this... If I need a partition, I have the wrong people in the cab and must get them out. The regulator thinking is, "if an assailant with a gun wants to hurt you, take him where he wants to go, DO NOT REFUSE, or you will be cited, after all, you are protected by a bullet-proof partition."
This is aggravating murder statistics. When cabs went to 'gun-free' zones the murder rate rose. Murder, the reason stated for partition mandates, isn't even included in the oft referred to statistical analysis on partition use viability study done at NCSU 1997.

At this point, assuming you are still reading, you are thinking; "What an idiot! He says partitions are no good for cabs yet he expects to sell partitions!"

My target market is where partitions are used in police cruisers. Too many officers use the steel grid to mutilate prisoners. There is no shortage of resistance in that market either, even though the sword cuts both ways. Dozens of officers have been burned to death in cruisers that have caught on fire, because the partition knocked them out.

I have been collecting data for 40 years on this. If I say it, I can prove it.

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