Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Friday, March 11, 2016


By Ed Quill Globe Staff

Several cab drivers[2] and owners[3] told Boston city councilors yesterday that they do not want cabbies to carry handguns while on the job but asked for greater police protection after the shooting deaths of two drivers[4] last month.
The City Council Committee on Public Safety, which held the hearing, is considering[5] asking Mayor Raymond L. Flynn to urge Police Commissioner, Joseph M. Jordan to rescind his order last month granting taxicab drivers permission to carry firearms.

[1] This is no slam on the BPD… but these askers could do as well asking the Salvation Army.
[2] Even cab drivers don't want cab drivers to 'carry'??!! I don't know whether to regard these alleged cab drivers as good Jews or good Germans!
[3] Any verifiable 'cab driver' will understand why the 'owner' of cabs might be a little nervous about drivers being armed.
[4] In the best of all scenarios, it is absurd to expect the police to have been on the scene in time to prevent these murders.
[5] Flynn eventually demanded Jordon's resignation. Three years later Jordon was still in office explaining, at a press conference, that the cab driver assault rate had dropped 50% in 1985 and 33% in 1986.

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