Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Monday, April 25, 2016

"Partition Face"

Taxi partitions have been around for over 20 years but now you may to start to see more taxis without them. The Plexiglas partitions were installed in 1994 to protect cabbies from being held up. But starting next month all taxi drivers in New York City will have the option to remove it and install an in-vehicle camera system instead.

Correction: Taxi partitions have been around for over 48 years. 
Correction: Plexiglas partitions were never installed in 1994, or any other time. The material is Lexan.
Correction: to protect cab regulators from being sued.

Michael O'Loughlin, director of Cab Riders United, says partitions should be eliminated except in Taxis of the Future because they can seriously injure passengers in an accident. He says that emergency rooms call it "partition face." Link

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