Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Heavy.com comments on the Clardy crash

    • I can assure you the partition is not illegal by any means nor was it the cause of his death. I am a police vehicle upfitter who has upfitted MSP cruisers. Please keep your ignorant replies to youself.
      • If you do a search on the blog I referred to, you’ll find the official letters of warning from the United States Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Safety Compliance Enforcement Section Director, Frank Armstrong, in which manufacturers and installers (people like you) are warned that federal motor vehicle safety standards are applicable to interior partition performance. Further searching will show you a three page letter from the United States Department of Transportation, Chief Counsel, Jefferey Miller, in which it is made abundantly clear that there is no exemption for emergency equipment. You are what the USDOT calls an “Alterer”. You have obligations that you seem to be unaware of. Anybody who doesn’t understand that the partition WILL strike the heads of front seat occupants, in a rear end collision, is probably also too addled to understand that it is rear seat occupants at risk in front end collisions. Not that prisoner safety is a concern. It apparently isn’t. Just look at the steel grid on the partition. You have my permission to continue with your ignorant comments.

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