Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

partition design flaws

 I have been screaming about the connected dots of partition design flaw, partitions in taxis requirements, partition injury & death, disproportionate insurance increases and failure of municipal, state and federal regulators' failure to correctly address the issue, for over 35 years. The one dot that never gets connected by anyone except me is the partition maker. Car makers won't crash test a car screwed up by the TLC with an illegal partition. Most car makers assert that their products are not intended for taxi use in the first place. How is it that the arrows never get pointed at the partition makers? They are in collusion with the TLC. The objective is to disregard passenger safety - for hollow allegations of driver protection from assailants. Neither has ever been concerned about federal compliance. I prompted USDOT NHTSA "letters of warning" to taxi regulators and partition makers in 1984, about the need for compliance and certification of such. The TLC's first reaction to my concerns was to come up with the idea of 'the talking taxi box'. This would have a recorded advisement to 'buckle up', or ostensibly any injuries or death resulting from contact with the illegal partition is "ON" the victim. That is absurd. FIX THE PARTITION FLAWS! I did. I've offered a complying design for 30 years now. see steven-crowells.blogspot.com and sign the petition.

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