Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

TLC meeting 12/19/2013 video

In the  TLC 12/19/2013 video of the meeting, the TLC officials and members of the taxi industry demonstrate much ignorance.

Erhan Tunsel, League of Mutual Taxi Owners, said; "Injuries involved in the partitions in taxis are easily avoidable by simply buckling up."
How does a seat belt prevent the front seat occupants head from slamming into the partition in a rear end collision?

"when your taxi driver must come to a short stop, the partition of a Nissan MV 200 is going to hurt just as much if you're not wearing your seat belt."
Actually, more.

"I encourage you to join hands with the industry to find ways to promote seat belts, seat belt use in taxis to put an end to partition-related injuries."
100% use of seat belts will never be achieved nor will it prevent contact with the partition for front seat occupants in a rear end collision.

Ethan Gerber of the Greater New York Taxi Association was next. "Any measure which potentially may reduce passenger and driver injuries is beneficial,  but the cost/benefit must also be considered together with the likely chance as to whether the measure  would actually reduce or prevent injury. In this case, and the need for the proposed partition crash testing, there have been no anecdotal or reported cases of  injuries due to partition design or mounting failure, which could have been identified or prevented by crash testing. Therefore, crash testing would have played no role in the injury prevention."

There is no evidence that bullet resistance has caused any reduction in numbers of drivers being shot.

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