Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

16 years ago a retired cop spoke out

C&D Forum cop doc  Roth517GTP  Senior Member  posted April 29, 2001 09:34 PM                

               No we don't have problems. Their ALWAYS handcuffed behind their back, seat
               belted in and within arms reach, so I'm never worried. There's a radio rack between
               us, so they can't try and kick the pedals or anything. It's better having them there
               because you can always see what they're doing,
 unlike with them riding in back
               behind a partition, 
out of sight. 

They don't usually go nuts enough to cause any
               problems. If they should, I pull over and can deal with it.

Roth is, or was a frequent contributor To C&D cop forum. His poignant observation that being able to see your prospective adversary has an advantage over not being able to see their actions is sad because it should be self-evident. Most people in favor of taxi partitions give this little thought. 

The two applications bring about radically different modes of use. Taxis with partitions versus cruisers with partitions."Pulling over and 'dealing with it'" are not suggested procedures for cab drivers.

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