Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Victims and survivors refuse to see "the light". Russian roulette in State Police ranks.

Ed Mahoney, Ellen Englehardt, and Thomas Clardy were all killed by an illegal police cruiser interior partition When they were rear-ended at high-speed in their head struck the partition or the rollbar. They were all Massachusetts State Troopers. Ed Mahoney was killed instantly or perished in the fire. He failed to exit the vehicle.
Ellen Englehardt was severely brain damaged, survived eight years of recovery before she died.
Thomas Clardy was killed instantly on contact with the partition. Attempts to communicate with Trooper Clardys’ widows’ lawyer have been fruitless.
Jason Schechterle was rear ended at high speed while parked at a red light. His cruiser immediately caught fire. EMTs that were on the scene removed him from the vehicle while he was on fire. He is so horribly injured it boggles the mind - what he has gone through in recovery. Jason was a Phoenix, AZ police officer. Jayson and I have communicated by Email. I asked him if he thought fire suppression was a higher priority then addressing the equipment which caused the injury and loss of consciousness. He said yes.
Lowell Russell was rear-ended at high-speed also. Lowell spent months with his neck in traction. His head struck the partition. Lowell was a Tennessee State Trooper. Lowell and I have communicated by email. He ran for State Rep in Tennessee’s 21st district this November. He appears to feel powerless to address the issue.
J. Adams was rear ended while waiting to make a left turn on a 2 lane road in Eastham, Massachusetts. He was rendered unconscious by the partition. He is an Eastham, MA police officer.
He seems, after several conversations, to be unmoved by the issue. He has no lasting injury, so seems satisfied to put it all behind him.
Three dead, three survivors, and nobody cares about the USDOT’s letter of warning to partition manufacturers in 1984 stating they have an obligation to comply.
What is it going to take? I’m tempted to write some letters to officials while eating a beignet.

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