Janet Lee

Janet Lee
Photo:Janet Lee, injured by a taxi partition.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

London cab driver/assailant. There must be videos of police car rear seat occupants being assaulted this way. It's not hard to find cops who boast about it.


Police are hunting a London taxi driver who allegedly assaulted a passenger by “braking excessively” during an argument in his cab.
CCTV footage filmed inside the taxi shows the passenger, who was sitting on the back seat, being flung forwards into the vehicle’s partition as it slows down suddenly on London Bridge.
He appears to be knocked unconscious and is later seen being dragged out of the taxi by the driver, who dumps him on the pavement in nearby King William Street before immediately picking up another passenger.
The alleged assault occurred following a heated debate about the route the driver was taking.
“You’re f***ing me around here,” the passenger can be heard saying in the footage. The driver responds: “How am I f***ng you around, I’m doing it for a set price?”
The video first emerged on social media in the days after the incident, which took place at 1.15am on 17 May.
But Scotland Yard issued an appeal to find the driver on Wednesday after identifying and interviewing the passenger.
Officers also want to speak to the second passenger as a potential witness.
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The Metropolitan Police said in a statement: “CCTV footage of the incident appears to show the driver braking excessively, causing injuries to the passenger.”
Constable Phil Hastings, who is investigating, added: “Although I have now made contact with the injured passenger, we still need to hear from anyone who witnessed the incident.
“I would also urge the driver and the second passenger, who approached the taxi after the assault, to come forward and speak with us.”

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